how to hide gallery in our mobile dialer pad

how to hide gallery in our mobile dialer pad application download


Hallo friends welcome to Tech in telugu website here you are going to Learn about how to hide gallery in our mobile dialer pad application



how to hide gallery in our mobile dialer pad application download :

  • Friends are almost on all mobile mobile but you are compulsory if you are almost dialer pad
  • Dailer pad you want to call anyone using you.
  • If we want to call our friends on our friends or our mobile company, we will open our mobile dialer pad and type their number in it and call them.
  • After all, everyone will be doing almost the same on mobile, if you can make a photo or video as well as any file as well as any audio as well as anyone’s
  • contact, you can set the setting without anyone in the Dialer Pad.
  • This is not known to anyone, however, but we are talking about this on this blog today.



We need any application install :

  • If you also have a dialer pad on your mobile, if you want to hide your girlfriend or your boyfriend or anyone in it, whether photos or videos or contact with anyone.
  • Read the whole of this blog today and you will have to use a small application for it if you want to see a Secret Gallery on your mobile dialer pad.
  • Now you need to download the application from where you download it.
  • Whatever the setting we do, we do not need to find out where we can hide photos or videos or contact with anyone in our mobile dialer pad.
  • This is because I give you all the details of the application on the same blog.
  • Also I will give you the link related to the application under this blog you can download this application from there.
  • Immediately download the application that appears in the photo below you without wasting friend time.



How to download the application :

  • Friends Open your Android Mobile Play Store to download the application in the photo above.
  • Open it on your Android mobile Play Store Application. Now you will see a search bar in this application.
  • Type the Dialer Vault – VaultDroid Hide Photo in that search bar. The application will be open in the photo above you immediately.
  • This application is only 12 MB, which means a very small application. And if you see Kanaka’s rating of this application, it is up to 4.3, which is also a very good rating friend.
  • There are also 1m + downloads as the downloads of this application. The Last Update of this application was done on 30 Jan 2020.


How to install the application :

  • Under Friends Application it looks like Install. Press on that install. Application will start downloading immediately.
  • Application will be installed for you after the application is exhausted. Stay up to Installation Oops.
  • Once the installation is exhausted, the application will scanning your mobile once.
  • Stay up to the scanning oops and then the scanning appears to be a done underneath you. Press on that done.
  • Now you appear to be open under Application. The application will be automatically open when pressing on Open.



After download the application :

  • Friends will download this application and open the application download.
  • Now you appear on some of the page in this application. You are pressing the top that appears below you will move.
  • This is because you can use this application because you can learn how to use these application in this way, or read this blog.
  • Now you will be giving you two to three permits at the end of this application.
    You will be able to use this application if you are given a permit for all of them.
  • Once the amount is exhausted, you can read some and condition related to this application again if you want to read it from there or you can do the OK on top of.





How to use the downloaded application :

  • So after doing this, the Dialer PAD of this application is open now. Now you have to set the password of four numbers here.
  • This password will be used to open the audio contact if you do not have a photo video you have ever hidden.
  • After selecting this application is asking you if you are a secret question, which means that for what you mean, you can forgot your password and give you that password.
  • Or you will also be able to open this application for those who give you the Secret Gallery in this application.
  • Now you also appear to hide the photo or video or audio you like, as well as any file or any contact.



If you are use this application install :

  • Now if you want to hide any photo to anyone for example, press you on the photo folder you see here.
  • When you press on top of the photo, a place button will appear under it.
    If you are a photo of your gallery, select all of those photos if you want to hide it without anyone.
  • Selecting and doing all the photos you selected will come into the secret gallery behind this dialogue.
  • Now you can call it if you want to call anyone using this Dialer Pad on the mobile screen now.
  • Or if you have been given the previous password, you type in it and press the call button.
  • From there my photos or videos are shown here that you have hidden anything.



App info :
Version : 2.1
Updated on : 30 Jan 2020
Downloads : 1,000,000+ downloads
In-app purchases : 199.002,500.00 per item
Offered by : Photo Video Vault Security
Released on : 21 Jul 2017
App permissions :
Camera :
take pictures and videos



Finally :

  • This is what you have learned in the installation and usage of the application of friends. If you ask your Friends Compulsory Suggest.
  • you like this application, you can download this application once and try.
  • If you see your friends when you use this application, your friend is shocked.
  • Since this little application is the only small application, how to hide gallery in our mobile dialer pad share with your Friends.
  • Thank You For Reading Friends Take Care Bye ………




how to hide gallery in our mobile dialer pad




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