how to convert android mobile to iphone in English

how to convert android mobile to iphone In English

Hallo friends welcome to Tech in telugu website. here we are going to learn about a new thing so lets get start how to convert android mobile to iphone In English


  • Friends do you want to set the mobile a little bit different than everyone else. So friends for that I am going to introduce you a good trick today.
  • If this trick is applied on your mobile then it will be compulsory to shock your friends as well as all those around you.
  • Because this application has a lot of good options which means you have all the options available on the home screen to use.
  • So let us know in this blog what is the Friends application and what is the setting for it.
  • If you are friends first then download the application you see in the photo below.
  • For that you can also download it by pressing the download button shown below in this post otherwise you can also read and download where I have given below how to download the application from.
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  • Friends Open the Play Store on your Android mobile to download the application in the photo above you.
  • After opening the Play Store on your Android mobile you will see a search bar at the top. In the search bar, type snappy launcher 2019-hi-tech launcher theme.
  • You will immediately open the application shown in the photo above. Under the application you will see install. Click on that install.



  • You will start downloading the application immediately. Once the application is finished downloading you will have the application installed.
  • Wait until the installation is complete. Once the installation is complete, the application will scan your entire mobile.
  • Scanning How long? After the scanning is complete, you will see DONE below. Press on Done. Now you see that the application is open.
  • The application will be set automatically on your mobile when you press on open.




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  • Friends is now an application set up on your mobile. Now your mobile looks great because the previous theme on your mobile is gone and now you have the newly launched launcher set.
  • Friends can now open the music player directly on your home screen which is also great to watch.
  • Your friends will be shocked if this application is opened on your mobile while your friends are around.
  • You can also suggest them later if they ask. best launcher for android mobile | free launcher | i phone launcher


  • If you swipe to the side as well as the friends on the home screen, all the applications on your mobile will be displayed.
  • Also applications related to any letter are under that letter. This is very useful if you want to open any application quickly.
  • If friends swipe your home screen to one side as well now this screen will show you the day, month, year, as well as what day it was.
  • Also if you see above you will see the camera, settings, browser, play store all in one button as well as these options like flight mode, mobile silence, wifi next to them. The battery percentage of the mobile is also displayed on this screen.


  • This is how friends install and download the application. So if you ask your friends when you use this launcher, please compulsorily suggest it.
  • Friends, I think you like this small application. It’s compulsory for your friends to be shocked.
  • Thankyou for reading friends tech care boy boy.



how to convert android mobile to iphone



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