increase phone volume

How to increase phone volume upto 200%

How to increase phone volume upto 200%


so hello friends welcome to tech in telugu channel after long period, from this article you gonna learn steps to increase the mobile volume or remove water from speaker, and boost up the current sound upto 200 percent with small settings How to increase phone volume upto 200%.



How to increase phone volume upto 200% :

  • so when using mobile for daily or many years phones have the sound problem.
  • because speaker will mostly damages due to talking calls, listening music continuously and etc purposes.
  • Even though if we use mobile in water some water will compulsorily went to speaker and that a part for damage guys.
  • when unfortunately fall down mobile it also effect some on our phone speaker.
  • to give a permanent solutions for types of issues, we bought amazing trick, through it we could manage our mobile speaker



increase phone volume



benefits of this application :

  • it suddenly boosts all our volume levels to give more loudness.
  • already some what damaged speakers also works perfectly with help of app.
  • whenever you need high sound just adjust app slider to increase volume instantly.
  • supports every music player & rise 200 percent of sound.
  • now onwards see the videos, listen audio, and anything with high sound.
  • all the water, dust stored in mobile will completely cleaned.



lets start downloading process :

  • first a fall we shall switch on the network data from status bar.
  • then move forward to playstore app which usually having in google folders.
  • you should open it present & look for Volume +: Volume Booster, sound.
  • its gonna appear on first step in loading format.
  • touch it and see this particular information on application.




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identify app by seeing this info :

  • this programme is offered from Lean StartApp department.
  • superb 4.5 ratings having on app & along with fifteen thousand reviews.
  • it is also a popular app because already 10 lakh and addition people have downloaded & enjoying.
  • literally it takes very low space around 4.1 mb only, so dont worry about data consumption too guys.
  • thats it if you confirm this above things then you’re in exact way, lastly touch install button for use.



after installing next procedure :

  • in additionally you’ll get the open option after installation success.
  • move on with it, all options will displayed front of us.
  • directly every important wanted option will turned on it.
  • probably nothing permission shown on starting friends.



increase phone volume



increase phone volume using method :

  • if you observe correctly we have slider, booster option on, music player and other two more options.
  • when we play music at that time we need to slide it right side for sound increasing friends.
  • other wise choose 125%, 150%, 175%, And Max buttons for more loudness.
  • either you might auto enable this app in background, or else refuse it too.



conclusion about increase phone volume application :

  • so this are the simple and short settings we have to do in app guys.
  • we assume that you understand well about this working features.
  • for upcoming updates please do follow us immediately with out forgetting.
  • because all provided contents & articles, applications are absolutetly free.
  • just learn new things by reading our articles for your knowledge in technology.
  • lets meet on other article untill see you take care bye.





increase phone volume

How to increase phone volume upto 200%

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