answer all your calling website without touching the screen

answer all your calling website without touching the screen 


Hallo friends welcome to Tech in telugu website. here we are going lern about answer all your incoming calls without touching the screen , calling website



Answer all your calling website without touching the screen :

  • Friends, if you use a mobile, what if you ever get an incoming leg.
  • You can take it in your mobile hand and make white on its screen or do something near you somewhere, but you can lift the incoming calls you come in without touching your mobile through the trick I will tell today.
  • Otherwise the cut can also be cut. But friends have to download a small application for all this.
  • If you download the application and use it on your mobile before your friends, your friends will be shocked.
  • You will also ask you to do this and then tell them about this application.



Any application we need ?

  • Friends You have to download this application and work hard to work hard to do it.
  • It is a small application that you need to give two to three permits to this application after you download it.
  • If you say the application is automatically open, you can also select the person if you want a call lift or CUT.
  • Friends do not even need to look for this application if you also want to download the application and use it.
  • The link of this application I will give you underneath you can download it from there.
  • So you do not need to think about what this application should be downloaded and what to do after downloading it.
  • So download the application that appears in the photo below you without wasting friends.





How to download the application :

  • Friends Open your Android Mobile Play Store to download the application in the photo above.
  • After open the Play Store on your Android mobile, you will look like a search bar on top. Type in that search bar Vani – Your Personal Voice Assistant Call Answer.
  • The application will be open in the photo above you immediately. This application is only 11 MB, which means a very small application.
  • And if you see Kanaka’s rating of this application, it is up to 4.3, which is also a very good rating friend.
  • There are also 1m + downloads if you look after the downloads of this application.
  • The Last Update of this application was done on 13 July 2019.




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How to install the application :

  • Friends now appear to be Install to you under the application. Press on that install. Application will start downloading immediately.
  • Application will be installed for you after the application is exhausted. Stay up to Installation Oops.
  • Once the installation is exhausted, the application will scanning your mobile once.
  • Wait until scanning oops. After the scanning itself is exhausted, you will look like Done.
  • Press on that Done, now it appears to be open for you under Application.





Settings in the calling website :

  • Friends you download the application and open a screen in which you look like Answer All Your Incoming Calls With Your Voice.
  • Now press on the NEXT button you look below you now look like hello to answer calls on screen again.
  • Now press on the NEXT button you will look below and then you will again look like the Control Your Phone Hand Free.
  • When will you click on the Start button that you appear below and now you will open the main interface of the application.



Options in the application :

  • Now in the Main Interface of the Application, you please allow the required permission to start vani.
  • Now you have to give you permission for all you see below.
    1. Hello Papa Windows
    2. Storage
    3. Record audio
    4. Read Contact
    5. Read Phone Start
    6. Accessibility.
  • Friends Now Press on the Start button that you appear below to give you all these permits. Now we have to turn it on our application.
  • Now you are again allow vani to access photos, media and files on your Device? Press on the Allow Button you look below.
  • After you again allow vani to record audio? Now press on the Allow button that you look below you again.



How to use the application :

  • Friends now you allow wani to assess your contacts? Press on the Allow Button you look below.
  • Friends Now you are again allow vani to make and manage phone calls? Press on the Allow button you look below again.
  • Then you will be in our application off here and you will be turning on it and give it allow again.
  • Then come back now and now you will see the following in the application.
    Now you are all set let’s go:
    1. Say voice command after the ringtone only.
    2. You can customize the voice command on tapping mic icon
    3. Choose your FAVOURITE Color Themes
    4. Please Allow All Required Permissions.
    Shows that.
  • Now press on the OK button that appears to you now will open you the main interface of the application.





How to change command word :

  • Now you have done all the work to be done on your mobile. Now you call your mobile call.
  • Also, you need to cut the colony that is NO, which means that the call you will come will be cut and you can turn on your mobile speaker as well.
  • There is also an auto replay here.
  • If you want to block any contact when you are blocking, you should be blocked by that contact automatically.
  • This means that you have to press the Mike button that appears in it and you want to select the Word twice that is what you want to select.



Finally :

  • Friends think this application’s downloading and usage you have learned.
  • If you ask your Friends Compulsory Suggest. If you like this little application this little application, you can download this application once and try.
  • Your Friends Shocked Compulsory. If you like this small application, share with your Friends. Thank You For Reading Friends Take Care Bye ……




answer all your calling website without touching the screen

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