convert Gif to video

How to convert Gif to video & image

How to convert Gif to video & image


Hello guys welcome to our channel tech in telugu from this todays article you were going to learn converting method which is Gifs to images and videos, some gifs are awesome and funny to see but they cant be able to send as video format to other, so to resolve it one tool will used we tell about that in this article How to convert Gif to video & image.



How to convert Gif to video & image :

  • normally all of us watch the movies and reels, shorts and you tube videos in our smartphones.
  • basically when we saw certain is funny or amazing, and extraordinary to see in videos we might think wanted to download it.
  • in addition in whatsapp all are using mostly gifs as wishing part such as birthday wish, marriages day, etc.
  • eventually for expressions currently this Gifs are trending in social media platforms guys.
  • instead of gif if you want the same typed video or image of that particular gif you only need to download the single app.
  • that makes everything you required to do on any gifs.



convert Gif to video



benefits of this application :

  • if you share the gifs on whatsapp or anywhere else to loved persons or to friends.
  • particularly gifs does not contain voice over or music, song, dialogue in background.
  • but they have only expression of clip that too in one two seconds.
  • further by converting gif to video, then additionally you might add the own voice, and music anything at fore ground sound.
  • then that converted gif appears like a real clip with your music.
  • literally increase the gif video size by adding accordingly sound clip guys.
  • so if you read below para you know what is app and how to download it.



installing procedure of this application :

  • open playstore which is available on each and every android phone.
  • then search for GIF To Video, GIF To MP4, Name in that finding bar guys.
  • when you tap enter button then app loaded by combining similar applications.
  • our app will is situated with 4 types of media icons which are gif , video, photo ,and converting icon that are two arrows.
  • if your observe this icons related app logo press on it friends.




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check out this points about app :

  • in down of app title you can find the developer name GIF Maker & GIF Converter.
  • the main highlighted important points appear on below in that app have 4.2 ratings.
  • Very simple and free to use on any mobile and its size only 5.3 mb.
  • fifty thousand people downloaded this convert Gif to video app.
  • thats it if this found right while checking in app info, then go head with install button, and stay on playstore till completes downloading.



after installation convert Gif to video :

  • open the app now, then it will ask the permission, touch on bottom right button and allow the media, storage permit.
  • presently only single permission will displayed and asked.
  • if further any more permits required, we tell when you have to give.



convert Gif to video



how to use this convert Gif to video application :

  • when you come to app home screen two sections appears.
  • first one gallery’s all option and other is tenor.
  • from tenor feature you can find all the gifs.
  • so if you dont have gallery gifs then search in tenor section findout from there.
  • in addition if having in your own gallery favorite gifs.
  • then they shown on all option , give a tap on that gif.
  • in other page it plays on other page, at the same page gif video, gif photo option are given guys.
  • trim according to your need, after selection certain time & video length click right arrow mark beside the timeline.
  • overally to save it on your gallery press arrow icon which shows on top right screen friends.



Conclusion convert Gif to video :

  • so like this converting will be done if you gonna want to download this convert Gif to video app.
  • then press red colored download button, which is given in downside of this paragraph guys.
  • thats it for today lets meet on another article untill than take care bye.



convert Gif to video





How to convert Gif to video & image


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