how to make call with voice bip it app

how to make call with voice bip it application download


Hello friends welcome to techintelugu website friends in this article we are going to learn about how to make call with voice bip it application download


how to make call with voice bip it application download :

  • If you have a mobile you have no mobile, if you don’t have your friend or your girlfriend if you want to call anyone your boyfriend, you will go into the contacts of your mobile and find their mobile number.
  • Otherwise I will tell you a small setting today application download .
  • If you make this setting on your mobile back, you will automatically go to the call when you say their name on your mobile.
  • If you don’t need to call and call their name on your mobile every time



We need any application download :

  • Friends you also need to call anyone who is also named for anyone and call it this way you need to download a small application for it.
  • After downloading the application from where we downloaded the application, let’s find out how to set the call if we just name it application download .
  • Friends do not need to download the application if you want to set a call to go to the call when you are named.
  • This is because I gave the whole application under this blog about how to download it.
  • You can learn to get up from there and read it as well as a link to the application.





How to download the application :

  • Friends If you want to download the application, open the application on your mobile.
  • If you see the button once you see the button, you will see this application when you enter BIP IT VOICE Commands application download .
  • There is a button that is installed under the application and you can download this application very easily.
  • Many people have downloaded this application and call their voice garden on their mobile.
  • The link to the application can be made from there.




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After downoad the application :

  • Friends you download this application and open this application if you ask you some permit.
  • You can use this application very easily on your mobile after giving them all permits.
  • If friends are Redmi Mobile, you will have to do some settings application download .
  • You can use this application in Redmi Mobiles only after giving what is happening.
  • After all this is set by the Permission, the main interface related to this application is now appearing on your mobile screen.





Settings in the application :

  • Now you have a setting button on top of the press.
    – Driving mode
    – All TIME Use
    – General settings.
  • Friends When You Simply Play On General Settings Play above You When You again appear some options you will see under this application download
    – Applications language
    – English Contact.
  • Friends now you have a little timings here, whether you are special on CUSTOM COUNTDOWN TIMER. Now you have to select Zero Seconds.



Finally :

  • And friends have nothing to do in this application now you have to come to the main interface of this application.
  • Then you will see a mike symbol there and then tell them the name of whom you want to call it application download .
  • You can call your voice fellow to anyone using this application very easily.
  • If you like this little application, you can download and try once underneath the link related to the application.



App info :
Version 2.94
Updated on 21 Jan 2020
Downloads 100,000+ downloads
Download size 18.44 MB
Offered by Eran Katsav
Released on 24 Jul 2014





how to make call with voice bip it app

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