Capture Photo From Both Front And Back Camera

Capture Photo From Both Front And Back Camera Double Side Camera download application


Hello friends, welcome back to our TECHINTELUGU website today we will discuss about very useful app Double Side Camera which can takes pictures on dual sides of your mobile camera friends Capture Photo From Both Front And Back Camera Double Side Camera download application .



Capture Photo From Both Front And Double Side Camera : 

  • This app is available on play store with 3plus ratings ,500k plus downloads and 3k plus good reviews friends.
  • And this app was developed by bg studio management and released on jun30 2019 and also latest updated on jul2 2019 friends download application.
  • This amazing app size is only 7.7 mb friends.



Benefits of app:

  • There are many benefits by using this app friends.
  • From this app you can use your mobile camera as dual camera friends.
  • You can use not only camera friends, you will able to use both camera and video recorder and record videos at the same time Double Side Camera .
  • Through this app you don’t want to other mobiles friends, you can use this app very simple friends.





Disadvantages of app:

  • Without this app you can’t use your normal mobile as a dual camera feature.
  • You can’t do record videos with your mobile camera at the same time friends.
  • So please download and try this useful app



How to download this application :

  • To download this amazing app, now you have to open your mobile and turn on mobile data friends.
  • After turning on mobile data now open your play store friends download application
  • opening play store now you can see at top of your mobile screen there is search bar.
  • Then finding out search bar now click on that search bar.
  • clicked on that search bar then your mobile keyboard will be opened.





  • After opening keyboard then type name double side camera app.
  • Later typed this name now click on the enter button friends Double Side Camera .
  • After clicked on enter button then your mobile can load some apps in that apps you have search for a logo with blue and green combination cameras images on it.
  • finded out that app now click on that app.



  • Then clicked on that there is an option to install.
  • Now click on that install option.
  • After clicked on that install option now wait for few seconds to install that app friends download application .
  • Finally few seconds app will be successfully downloaded on your mobile friends.
  • Now click on the open option friends.




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After downloaded permissions :

  • After clicked on open option the app will be open with pop up which ask you to take camera and video permission
  • Then click on allow option friends. And another permission will be asked to record audio then now click on allow permissions friends download application.



Settings In The Application : 

  • After completed those permissions ,that’s it friends the app will starts working .
  • There are dual cameras are turned on successfully with out any problem friends.
  • There you can see at bottom of your mobile screen four options will given friends.
  • Lets explain options ,now click on the first option friends this option can used to camera position that which do you want rear camera or front camera Double Side Camera .
  • And second option can used to capture and save to your mobile gallery friends.
  • And now third option ,this option is used to record video friends. Through this option you can record video and your able save in to gallery.





How to use this application : 

  • Final option is setting option friends.
  • On click this option you can set the camera position and layouts.
  • And other option is used to set video quality friends. Which quality do you want friends.
  • From this app you can use both features like record video of back camera and record your front camera also friends.
  • So download this app enjoy recording friends download application .



Conclusion about this application :

  • Hope you all understand this video friends,
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Download the application here


Capture Photo From Both Front And Back Camera

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