Edge Lighting

Now Apply Edge Lighting In Any Mobile

Now Apply Edge Lighting In Any Mobile


Hello Guys Welcome To Our Channel Today we will Explain How To Apply Edge Lighting Animations on any mobile, By  Applying on Mobile it will Looks very Amazing And attractive Colors On Edges Of Screen Now Apply Edge Lighting In Any Mobile.



Now Apply Edge Lighting In Any Mobile :

  • For this edge Lighting Screen You need to Read All the Article Care fully Without Missing any Features Guys.
  • We Will Provide Download Link and Application Name On This Article.
  • Now This application is On Playstore With 4.0 Plus Ratings ,and Beast app For Edge Light in Different colors.
  • There are 3 Thousand Plus Useful Reviews are Available on Playstore with All  Good Impression Reviews Guys.
  • One Million Plus Users Are Downloaded The app And Using with Edge Light Screens and enjoying Mobile Looks.



Edge Lighting



Information Of Application In Playstore :

  • Guys This App was launched on Nov 26, 2019 and Developed by TechLaza Apps.
  • They Also Recently updated this application with More features and Released on May 20, 2022.
  • Updated Version Is 1.3.10 and Supports Android Devices easily.
  • This Application Size is Around 12 Mb Only By Spending 12 Mb Mobile Will Totally Changes Guys.



Benefits Of This Edge Lighting  Application :

  • If You want to Change the Mobile Look To Surprise To others Further This application will Uses.
  • When Using Daily Same Settings and Same Wallpapers, Anyone will feel Some Bored.
  • There are Different Types Of Colors and Animations Will Available On this application Guys .
  • When You Show Mobile To Your Friends and Others Then They will Surprised to after Watching Edge lightings.
  • Mainly On Night Times are Darkness Place After Applying the Lightings On Mobile Will Appears Superb Impressive.




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Disadvantages Without This Edge Lighting Application :

  • To add Lighting and effects on mobile screen Then There is Now Settings are Features On Any Android Device.
  • Mainly Edge Lighting Feature will Not Available On any Device Guys.
  • If your Looking For Best Edge Light Application, Then On this article you will Have.
  • So Not wasting any more time now start downloading application.



Lets Begin Downloading Process On Playstore :

  • To Download application Now Open Playstore and Tap on Search bar guys .
  • But make sure that you Turned On Mobile Data Before Opening Playstore ,ig Not Connected with Internet Playstore will Not Opens Guys.
  • Then On Keyboard Type application Name is Border Light AOE Edge Lighting .
  • In addition typed Application name now Click on the Enter Button To Download application Guys.



Edge Lighting



Installation Procedure On Playstore :

  • Finally Some Time Later application will Downloads Successfully on the Playstore.
  • Uninstall and Open Options Will Able To see After installed Guys, Now Only Tap On Open Option To use application , Dont Click on Uninstall Option.



After Installed Edge Lighting Permissions Asked :

  • App will Opens With Interface of Border Light Banner With Awesome Looks and in that Click on Start Button at Bottom Of the screen.
  • Then App Will Redirected to mobile settings Now Grant permission in System Settings and Come back application.
  • Then Wait For few seconds to Load and Click Again on Start Button, next you will appear Application Tutorials simply click on Skip Button at top Right of screen.
  • Finally Homescreen Of application will opened Guys.



Edge Lighting



Using Procedure Of This Application :

  • On Homescreen Of app there are different types of Features will available guys That you can use freely.
  • At  Bottom Home Button , Themes Feature and Settings Will appeared so we will Discuss All Features Clearly .
  • Other Mainly Features Are Enable Control and Enable wallpaper, Enable Overlay Other Apps.



Settings On This Application :

  • For settings At bottom Will have Settings Icon Click on that Guys.
  • There You can rate the application on Playstore if you like the Features and app.
  • To share Your friends and others easily Share by Clicking on Share option and Share this awesome application in social media apps and Other.
  • Privacy and policy is application will not Used for Miss use Your Mobile Data and For Other Purposes.
  • So Guys This Options Will Shown In settings.





Enable Wallpapers Feature :

  • This Feature is at First Place So Click on it Then allow Dynamic Wallpaper Option.
  • Directly You appear the Edge Lightings with apply Button at bottom of the screen guys.
  • If you want to apply this feature for that click on Apply Option to set as edge lighting .
  • Then automatically Edge Lights Will Applied on screen it Looks Very Interesting.



Enable Overlay Other Apps Feature :

  • Tap on This Feature at Second place after wallpaper feature.
  • This Feature will Makes applied to all apps it means edge lighting will come on any App that you will use.
  • And mobile will Totally All settings and all apps will applied the edge light.
  • Like this Feature will Works Friends.


Themes On this Application :

  • This Option Will Have at Bottom Of the screen guys.
  • There are Themes Templates Option will have lots of Themes like Love Symbols ,heart Symbols and Bubbles ,Moon and Many other symbols.
  • Set as your edge Lighting themes So Mobile Will looks very Cool Guys.
  • Next Option Is create Theme with this create a new theme as you need.
  • Add Colors , Symbol ,effects, Animation speed and set Display Notch, Display hole , Infinity Display Etc..
  • So Finally Themes Will Used to create Themes and apply Default Themes too.



Conclusion About this Application :

  • Guys Like this Application will Works Successfully with out any issues and errors.
  • For more apps Like this awesome application then Ask in our comment box and As well as ask any Doughts and Issues if your facing also.
  • So lets meet on next Amazing article with new application, So dont Forget to Subscribe our channel For Useful applications.





Edge Lighting

Now Apply Edge Lighting In Any Mobile


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