how to set whatsapp notification tone in English

how to set whatsapp notification tone in English


Hello friends welcome to techintelugu website friends in this article we are going to learn about how to set whatsapp notification tone in English



how to set whatsapp notification tone in English :

  • Friends, meanwhile, Android mobiles are compulsory, but WhatsApp is compulsory on every mobile phone without their knowledge.
  • It’s the same for everyone who uses this WhatsApp saying that if they send a message on WhatsApp on their mobile, WhatsApp will come a little.
  • If you want to sing a little more variety like this on your mobile then let’s talk about the sound of the animals and birds around you using a small applications.
  • I will tell you in detail how to download the application and set it up on your WhatsApp on our mobile. Watch carefully


We need any application :

  • Friends, you should use WhatsApp on your mobile in a slightly different way than everyone else.
  • What you don’t even have to do is download a small application and if you see those applications, there are many types of animal sounds as well as many types of birds.
  • You can make the settings that come when you message them on your WhatsApp Now you need to download what the application is and from what setting after downloading it.
  • do not need to look for how to set our WhatsApp message tone because I will give all the details related to the application below in this blog.
  • You can get up and read from there as well as download the application related link from this blog Download the application immediately shown in the photo below without wasting any time friends.





How to download the application :

  • Friends Now open the Play Store application on your mobile once open and if you see it then the discussion button above will appear.
  • If you try that button once and do ANIMALS RINGTONES sir you will get this application though.
  • If you see in that application a button called Install under the application will appear saying that this application will automatically start downloading into your mobile as soon as you press on it.
  • Open this application after downloading it to mobile and after opening it I will now tell you about how you can make your WhatsApp settings from here in this application.



After download the application  :

  • Friends, when you download and open the application, if the application asks you for any permission, give permission to all of them.
  • Once done if you see in this application a variety of sounds related to different categories will come up Listen to everyone.
  • The sound that you like is that you can do a photo setting on your WhatsApp and you also have nothing to do with it.
  • If you want to set up any auto new model that you like, I will tell you the complete details on how to open Simple Water and from there go into WhatsApp and set it up from there.





How to set whatsapp notification tone :

  • Open WhatsApp on your mobile and after opening it you will see three dots at the top right.
  • Above those three dots you will see a button called Setting. If you have tried on the Settings button a notification button will appear.
  • If you do that the notification will rain down that notification will show here the application that you have already downloaded.
  • When you press on that application it will appear there as soon as you have seen it before You can very easily make your WhatsApp settings auto from it.




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App info :
Version : 8.5
Updated on : 7 Jun 2020
Downloads : 10,000,000+ downloads
Download size : 16.00 MB
offered by : Dream Studio
Released on : 24 Jul 2015
App permissions :
Contacts :
read your contacts modify your contacts
Storage :
read the contents of your SD card modify or delete the contents of your SD card
Other :
have full network access view network connections prevent phone from sleeping
Play Install Referrer API receive data from Internet





Finally :

  • This is how you can set up your mobile’s WhatsApp tourney using this small application.
    Here you will find the sounds of good birds as well as good man animals.
    From there select the sound you like and set the notification. This way when your friends are around you will be compulsorily shocked.
    All you have to do is share this article with them to tell them about the application. Okay, thank you for reading Take Care .




how to set whatsapp notification tone




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