How to recover deleted photos and videos

How to recover deleted photos and videos


Hallo friends welcome to Tech in telugu website here we are going to learn about a How to recover deleted photos and videos so lets get start………….



How to recover our deleted photos :

  • Many of us friends accidentally delete photos or videos on their Android mobile and then try to recover them but are unable to recover.
  • We see a lot of videos on YouTube or here that friends can recover all deleted photos or videos but none of them are so workeble.
  • Because once you delete a photo or video on your mobile, it is very difficult to get it back.
  • But I will tell you about a small application on this blog because this application is loaded and stored on your mobile which means you can retrieve any photo or video on your mobile in a minute.



What is the solution :

  • What is the Friends application? Where should I download the application? After downloading the application, what settings should I make and how to use the application?
  • Friends If you want more advanced options in this application than any of these options you will need to put pro version money in this application and you can use it for free for 7 days.
  • You just have to buy it if you want to use it Friends Download the application you see in the photo below without wasting any time.





How to download the application :

  • Open your android mobile play Store to download the application that appears in the friends photo.
  • After opening the play store on your Android mobile you will see a search bar above.
  • In that search bar, type DUMPSTER: RECOVER MY DELETED PICTURES & VIDEO FILES. You will immediately see the application shown in the photo above open.
  • This application is only 14 MB which means it is a very small application. Also the rating of this application is up to 4.2 if you look at kanaka which also means very good rating friends.
  • Downloads of this application so there are also 10M + downloads if you look friends. The last update of this application was made on 30 MAY 2019.



How to install the application :

  • Under Friends application you will see install. Click on that install. You will start application downloading immediately.
  • Once the application download is complete you will get the application INSTALLATION. Installation Wait until alas.
  • Once the installation is complete, the application will scan your entire mobile once. Scanning Wait until oops. After the scanning is done you will see DONE below.
  • Press on that done, now you will see open under application. When you click on open, the application will open automatically for you.





When you download the application :

  • Friends Once you have downloaded and opened the application welcome to downstairs your privacy your priority our team only collects the data necessary for using dumpster you on your content china videos harkipta private and shoot our team may utilise anonymous data for product improvement below i agree you
  • Click on the button that appears Now you will never lose deleted photo aur video again all aap your photos those are now backed up with dumpster Under these two options you will see
    1. start free trial
    2. start basic
  • Now you press on the second option then watch carefully the sample shows how to recover if you delete any photo on mobile.



How to restore the photos :

  • Friends Now you have to show again that dumpster requires storage permission to enable recycle bin protection hello Dumpster access to photos media and files and press on it you will see the word continue below.
  • Then you again Allow dumpster to access photos, media and files on your device? Shows that now it looks like Allow under you you press on it.
  • Now it shows you again deep scan recovery it’s finally here recover old files that where deleted before you install dumpster Underneath it you feel many try it now you simply press on it.
  • Friends, all the deleted photos on your mobile will appear here where you can restore the photo you want.




Options in this application :

Friends as well if you press on the top three dots on the left you will see everything you see below
1. Upgrade
2. Empty Dumpster
3. Settings
4. Deep scan recovery
5. Auto clean
6. Teams
7. Private gallery
8. Rate US
9. Shirdi live
10. Communit
11. Need help
You can use these to suit your needs



If you press on friends as well as on the dumpster shown above you will see the options shown below
1. all
2. images
3. videos
4. audio
5. Documents
6. other files
7. folders
8. Apps
Options appear in which you can use the item as you like.



Info :
Version : 2.22.320.2c6a91
updated on : 30 may 2019
Downloads : 10000000+ downloads
App in purchase : 50 rupees
Offered by : Baloota
Released on : 6 sep 2012
Permissions : contact , storage , other




  • That’s it friends I think you have learned the installation and usage of this application.
  • If your friends ask, do compulsory suggest. Friends I think you like this small application. If you like it, be sure to download this application once and give it a try.
  • It is compulsory to shock your friends. Single friends This is a small application so if you like it please share it with your friends. Thank you for reading friends take care bye bye …..



download the application here


How to recover deleted photos and videos

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