how to get girls whatsapp number in English

how to get girls whatsapp number In English


Hello friends welcome to techintelugu website friends in this article we are going to learn about how to get girls whatsapp number in English



how to get girls whatsapp number In English :

  • Friends In the meantime, everyone has Android mobiles, but most of them have girlfriends.
  • Similarly, there are many boyfriends. Annamata So similarly, if any of your friends have a girlfriend or even a boyfriend, they will talk a little when they call to give us a buildup in front of us.
  • A little variety will change if you are busy so even if you are without a girlfriend someone is calling you a girl so you can set up your mobile to get a fake call.



We need any application :

  • If you want to make this setting on your mobile you will need to download a small application for it.
  • Using that application we can very easily make settings on our mobile as if someone is calling us a girl.
  • If you are a girl then someone is calling a boy If your mobile setting can be done then who is really calling us when that call comes to us.
  • Attend the call and talk in front of our friends and they will also be young on our stamps so if you also want to set this up on your mobile then you need to download a small application for this.
  • Now you need to download what the application is and where to download it.
    But you also do not need to look for where we can make a fake call settings for our mobile because all the details related to that application I will give below in this blog you can get up and read from there.
  • There is also a link to the application at the end of this blog that you can download from there.
  • Friends now download the application that appears in the photo below you immediately without wasting time




How to download the application :

  • Friends If you want to download the application shown in the photo above, open an application called Play Store on your mobile.
  • Once opened you will see this application which will appear at the top right of your right hand pressed on it and type fake call prank.
  • At the bottom of the application will appear a button that says you have installed on it Suppose you have finished downloading the application into our mobile.
  • You can easily open the application and use it. The rating of this application is also very high so you can download it for sure and try it once.



After download the application :

  • Friends, when you download and open the application, the application will open directly. Like other applications, this application gives us no permission so you can use this application directly.
  • When you open this application you will see four options related to this application. Now we need to make a setting where we have a photo as well as a number one name.
  • So you have to select the first option to make the setting for it and after you select the first option you will see all of them there.
  • You must first select a photo and then select the name you want to see when you receive a call and then the number you want to see if you see this number can also be chatted.





Settings in the application :

  • After setting all these friends, if you want the call to come now, you will see a button called Call Now next to it.
  • If you’ve done that, you ‘ll get a call right away or if you want to get a call in ten seconds or 30 seconds or a minute later you will see a button that says schedule for them.
  • You can also press on it and set it when the call comes after your mobile is set aside anywhere.
  • They may even think that your friend is actually calling someone a girl or a boy.






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If you are use this application :

  • Apart from friends, you can also chat if you want a special ringtone when you get a call.
  • Also, there are many other settings in this application that can also be used in this way.
  • Tell your friends about the application too If you like the Friends application you can download and use the link of the application





App info :
Version : 0.42
Updated on : 7 Dec 2020
Downloads : 50,000,000+ downloads
Download size : 2.50 MB
Offered by : GameAndro
Released on : 2 Jan 2017






how to get girls whatsapp number in English

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