how to lock mobile screen with Gun Shooting app in English

how to lock mobile screen with Gun Shooting app in English


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how to lock mobile screen with Gun Shooting app in English : 

  • Friends, if you are using an Android mobile, be sure to set a lock on your mobile.
  • This is because of the fact that this lock can be used as a security to prevent us from opening our mobile phone when someone unknowingly picks it up.
  • There are many types of locks that we have, which means that we can normally type any number to open the lock or swipe to open the lock, or in the meantime, if we see a fingerprint lock has also come up.





We need any application :

  • Friends If you want to set a zip lock setting for your mobile screen, you can do so. Even viewers will be compulsorily shocked if this is set to your mobile.
  • Because if everyone doesn’t know about all kinds of locks then no one knows about zip lock.
  • So if you have your mobile set up, everyone should be shocked. Friends So if you also want to make this setting on your mobile then you need to use a small application for this.
  • You do not need to go anywhere to find out what the application is and where to download it.
  • Because I will give all the details related to that application in this blog. You can read and learn from there as well as the link to the application at the end of this blog can be downloaded from there.



How to download the application :

  • Friends, if you want to download the application, simply open the Play Store application on your mobile.
  • A search button will appear if you look at the top right corner. If you press the search button and type in Gold Lock Screen, you will see this application.
  • At the bottom of the application you will see a button called Install. If you press on that button, the application will automatically download to your mobile.
  • This application has been downloaded by many people so far. So you must also download and try.





After download the application :

  • Friends Once you have downloaded and opened this application the application will ask you for some permission.
  • After giving permission to all of them, the main interface for this application will open.
  • From there you can do all these settings however friends you can now change the wallpaper in the interface related to this application.
  • You can also change the zip so this way you can change everything you want to change then this application will become your mobile setting.
  • You will also need to turn on the button associated with this application




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How to use the application :

  • That’s all the setting we need to make in the application is gone. So from now on you will see this zip lock whenever you lock and open your mobile.
  • If you ever use this on your mobile, it will be compulsory if you see friends next to you but in your house.
  • If you also want to download and try this application the link to this application is at the end of this blog you can download from there





App info :
Version : 6.5
Updated on : 4 Mar 2021
Downloads : 5,000,000+ downloads
Download size ; 11.37 MB
Offered by : Premium zipper lock screen
Released on : 10 May 2018




how to lock mobile screen with Gun Shooting app in English


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