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how to schedule message in whatsapp with wasavi app

how to schedule message in whatsapp with wasavi app


Hello friends welcome to techintelugu website friends in this article we are going to learn about how to schedule message in whatsapp with wasavi app



how to schedule message in whatsapp with wasavi app :

  • Friends once we find mobile, but we can download WhatsApp application on our mobile.
  • But nowadays, if we see our mobile, whatsApp application will be a bye default.
  • WhatsApp is also what it means to be whatsapp on everyone’s mobile.
  • Most people do not know whatsApp is not friends, if not friends, I will tell you today that there are some secret on WhatsApp.


We need any application :

  • Today we can know that if you see behind Boya WhatsApp tricks, we can schedule a message on WhatsApp using this trick.
  • Yes, friends should send a message to any of you if you want to send birthdays to any of you.
  • That’s why I go to the message on WhatsApp to schedule a short trick today.
  • Friends will need to download a small application to make your mobile setting.
  • This is because all the details of the application are under this blog and you can download this blog from there.





How to download the application :

  • Friends Open the Play Store Application on your mobile if you want to download a small application.
  • If you see the button once you see the button, you will see this application.
  • A button will be installed under the application and you will be able to download this application very easily into mobile.
  • You can schedule a message on your WhatsApp using this application. So far, many people are using elevation so you will try to download and try.



After download the application :

  • When you download and open this application, this application has been asked for any permit, but you can bring permission.
  • This application will be taken to another page after giving.
  • Here you will also give you some kind of permits if I know this permission red is asking for your mobile.
  • If you ask you too, give them all permits.
  • Simply close this application and open your mobile WhatsApp.




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Settings in the application :

  • When friends open our WhatsApp, we will not see any options as a director you need to open any chat.
  • When you open the chat, you will find four options on top of you. If you can click on the last option and you can schedule the person you like.
  • Friends now go into any shop and press the button on that chat.
  • You need to select the date on which date you need to select the message and when when to go.





How to use the application :

  • Once all this is exhausted, you can make the settings here if you want to show you a notification before going to the message.
  • Also, if you want to send any photo or send them, you can also attach them here.
  • Now, if you type the message under which the message you want to send it, the message will automatically be scheduled.
  • Whenever you set the message to go there, the message will go automatically.



App info :

Version 2.1.463
Updated on 30 Aug 2020
Downloads 100,000+ downloads
Download size 9.99 MB
In-app purchases 270.00710,200.00 per
Offered by Rockn null
Released on 21 Jul 2019





how to schedule message in whatsapp with wasavi app

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