how to hide apps on iphone and android

how to hide apps on iphone and android


Hello friends welcome to techinTelugu website friends in this article we are going to learn about how to hide apps on iphone and android



how to hide apps on iphone and android :

  • Friends are many types of applications on our mobile and we are doing an application in a different way.
  • This means that every application on our mobile is something for us.
  • Similarly, there are many types of games on our mobile games in the middle of this, if you see the pubi or BGMI as well as free fire, if they are playing in our house, the applications will be deleted.
  • Or if we want to protect them, we will invest in it and if they install it, the application will be directly to the password.
  • This is why we can find out about this blog about how we can make such applications in our house rather than our friends.



We need any application :

  • If you want to make any such application on your mobile, you have to make a small application if you want to look like this.
  • Now you need to download the application from where you download it.
  • If we do what we have set up, you do not need to go where we can make the applications on our mobile.
  • This is because I gave you all the details of that application in this blog.
  • You can also download the link from this blog at the end of this blog.
  • Immediately download the application that appears in the photo below you without wasting time.





How to download the application :

  • Friends open this application if you want to download this application and open the Play Store application on your mobile.
  • You will have a search button on top of it, press on it and typed Microsoft Launcher.
  • A button appears to be installed under the application, which means that this application will be downloaded on your mobile.
  • Then you can install this application very easily and set this application.
  • But so far many people have been downloading and using so you should try and try.
  • If you want to link your blog on this application, you can download it from there.


After download the application :

  • Friends download a small application and open this application as you can.
  • From there you can learn how to use this application.
  • Also, this application asks some permits to give you all permits and says that we will create an account in this application.
  • If you click on it and go ahead, then you will use any application in your mobile applications.
  • Select the applications you like to select the applications from it.





Settings in the application :

  • After all this is exhausted, the Main Entrance of this application is now open to us.
  • Now you want to set it out of those applications if you have any application.
  • Applications are how to set you now, but you will find a Launcher option. When you press on it, you have the options called Home Option.
  • After playing on top of them, an option is an option called Hidden Apps You will see all the applications on your mobile.
  • From there you have to select the application if you want to disappear if you have any application.




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If you are use this application :

  • Whoever open on your mobile from now on, you are now selecting and applications will not be seen.
  • If you want to open them again, you will see three drops on the top of your right side.
  • This application you want to open up to them, but you can open this application where you want to open any application.
  • If you like this application you like this without any application on your mobile, you will also tell you about the application.
  • If you want to download and try the application now, you can download the link related to the application from there.





App info :
Version 6.210602.0.966160
Updated on 13 Jul 2021
Downloads 10,000,000+ downloads
Download size 14.23 MB
Offered by Microsoft Corporation
Released on 28 Oct 2015





how to hide apps on iphone and android


Download the application here


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