how to increase mobile speaker volume 200% extra

how to increase mobile speaker volume 200% extra


Hallo friends welcome to Tech in telugu website in this article we are going to learn about how to increase mobile speaker volume 200% extra



how to increase mobile speaker volume 200% extra :

  • Friends, if you look closely at everyone in the meantime, there are Honor Mobiles, but everyone with an Android mobile has a few songs on their mobile.
  • Does that mean we have any favorite song that listens to their favorite songs?
  • That means if we are looking to get more sound when it comes to our favorite song above all else the sound will come out well when we take our word for it.
  • Friends, if we use our mobile a little, our mobile sound will be declining.
  • That is, if it does not come, we will find out in this blog about the whole application of how we can enhance our mobile in this blog that we see.
  • If nothing is done small setting you will notice more coming in than on your mobile.



We need any application :

  • Friends If you also feel that you need less on your mobile then you need to make a small application news for it if you want to increase it on your mobile.
  • Let’s talk about the same application in this blog today where you can increase that to 200% more than normal coming on your mobile through that application.
  • You need to download this application on your mobile too to enhance your childhood.
  • You do not need to find out where it is because I can read all the details related to that application in the blog below.
  • I have also given you the link related to the application. You can download it from there. Download the application shown in the photo below without wasting time.




How to download the application :

  • Friends, open your android mobile play store to download the application shown in the photo above.
  • The Play Store application will appear on your Android mobile Open it Now you will see a search bar in this application.
  • In the search bar, type Volume booster sound amplifier 3D. You will immediately see the application shown in the photo above open.
  • This application is only 7 MB which means it is a very small application. Also the rating of this application is up to 4.0 if you look at kanaka which means it is also very good rating friends.
  • Downloads of this application are also 10M + downloads as seen by friends. The last update of this application was made on 12 nov 2019.



How to install the application :

  • Under Friends application you will see install. Click on that install. You will start downloading the application immediately.
  • Once the application download is complete you will get the application INSTALLATION. Installation Wait until alas.
  • Once the installation is complete, the application will scan your entire mobile once.
  • Scanning Wait till the scanning is done and you will see DONE below. Press on that done.
  • Now you see that the application is open. The application will open automatically when you press on open.





After download the application :

  • Friends Once you have downloaded and opened this application, the application will take some loading and the open application will ask you for two or three permissions.
  • After giving permission to all of them the mail of the application will now be opened.
  • Now you are asked in the main interface of the application whether you want to use the application money or use it normally free.
  • You can also use it to pay money if you want.
  • The application is given to us for free to use so we also get some odds of applications you can view that scene if you want or remove it.


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Do some settings in this app :

  • Friends When all this is done you need to make some settings in the mummy application for which all you have to do is go to the main page of the application and you will see a settings symbol below.
  • Pressing on it means that if most of the settings are not open to you, I mean you have to make two or three different settings.
  • You can also make settings in it. You can see the Forty Percent after the first 20% 30% without setting the hundred percent at once.
  • Support your friends on your mobile and keep it there. At the same time you are one hundred percent your mobile speaker.
  • Once you have downloaded the application and started it will show you those people in this application. Come back again after you have set it any way.



If you are use this app :

  • Now again you have got into the main touch of the application but there again you will see two types of options.
  • Saying that one is sound as well as the other is the base, two types of options appear. From here you just need to set it up and look at your favorite place on your mobile again.
  • If you find the setting where your mobile phone looks good, leave the setting and leave.
  • After all, even if the sound of your mobile is low, now you will notice that you can easily reset the songs on your mobile in such a way that even the most advanced settings.





App info :
Version : 3.0.29
Updated on : 12 Nov 2019
Downloads : 10,000,000+ downloads
Download size : 7.01 MB
In-app purchases : 70.00 75,000.00 per item
Offered by : Prometheus Interactive LLC
Released on  : 12 Jun 2012
App permissions :
Other :
run at startup view network connections prevent phone from sleeping
receive data from Internet control vibration Google Play billing service
have full network access Play Install Referrer API change your audio settings



Finally :

  • I think you have learned the installation and usage of the Friends application. If your friends ask, do compulsory suggest.
  • I think you like this application. If you like it, be sure to download this application once and give it a try.
  • It’s compulsory for your friends to be shocked if they see you as your friends while using this application.
  • Single friends This is a small application so if you like it please share it with your friends. Thank you for reading friends take care bye bye ………




how to increase mobile speaker volume 200% extra

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