delete duplicate photos videos in mobile new trick

delete duplicate photos videos in mobile new trick


Hallo friends welcome to Tech in telugu website here you are going to learn about delete duplicate photos videos in mobile new trick



delete duplicate photos videos in mobile new trick :

  • Friends we have been using the same without changing since we bought the mobile once we take photos.
  • Also we take videos or download songs or any audio files from anywhere and sometimes we unknowingly have only one photo but otherwise the same video or song.
  • This means that we do not even know if it is the same photo or two, which makes it very difficult for us as well so that our mobile is slow or our mobile’s memory is full.
  • Otherwise it will be very embarrassing to say that any browser will load slowly when it is open.



We need any application :

  • Friends If you also want to know if there are any two photos or two videos or two songs on your mobile this way double double you need to download a small application for that.
  • After downloading the application you need to make some settings in it then you can scan all the photos or video or audio files on your mobile.
  • As soon as the scan is done the application will show if there is anything in your mobile and if there is anything through it you can also delete it from there.
  • This will reduce the hassle of your mobile phone as well as reduce the number of calls on your mobile phone.
  • Even after downloading you do not even have to make a big setting in it because what is the application as well as all the details given by the application I have given in this blog below.
  • You can also download the link related to the application OK Friendship but without wasting time you can download the application shown in the photo below.





How to download the application :

  • Friends Open your android mobile play store to download the application shown in the photo above.
  • After opening the play store on your Android mobile you will see a search bar above. In the search bar, type DUPLICATE FILES FIXER AND REMOVER.
  • You will immediately see the application shown in the photo above open. This application is only 19 MB which means it is a very small application.
  • Also the rating of this application is up to 4.4 if you look at kanaka which means it is also very good rating friends.
  • Downloads of this application are also 1M + downloads as seen by friends. The last update of this application was made on 10 oct 2019.



How to install the application :

  • Under Friends application you will see install. Click on that install. You will start downloading the application immediately.
  • Once the application download is complete you will get the application INSTALLATION. Installation Wait until alas.
  • Once the installation is complete, the application will scan your entire mobile once. Scanning Wait till the scanning is done and you will see DONE below.
  • Press on that done, now you will see open under application. The application will open automatically when you press on open.





Settings in the application :

  • Friends Once you have downloaded and opened this application, the application will open with a slight loading and then you will be asked for two or three permissions in the application.
  • Give permission to everything the application asks you for permission Why the application asks you for permission.
  • This means that you will be asked for permission to scan all the photos or videos on your mobile as well as all the songs or audio files on your mobile.
  • This is because of the fact that our mobile phones can be used to scan them whenever we want to make sure they are there.


How to delete duplicate scrap :

  • Friends Once you have given permission all the following options will appear on your mobile which you have to stand for.
  • If you want you can scan them if you bathe under them giving a tick mark in the box that appears next to them.
  • You can stand it one by one below or scan it all at once
    Duplicate Files …
    Scan Audio
    Scan Pictures
    Scan Documents
    Full Duplicate Scan
    Scan Similar Pictures
    Upgrade to pro version
  • Friends After you scan, all the doubles on your mobile will be displayed to you here.
  • If you want, you will get a delete option. You can also delete it or you can simply leave it at that.





Options in the application :

  • Friends as well you will see three scratches at the top left of this application and if you price them you will see the options below.
    Share App
    Rate US
    Need Help?
    Upgrade Now
  • You need to press on these and change anything.
  • You can change it if you want because you have the settings option here as well as many other types of options.





App info :
Version :
Updated on : 10 Oct 2019
Downloads : 1,000,000+ downloads
In-app purchases : R30.00 per item
Released on : 21 Jan 2016
APp permissions :
read phone status and identity
modify or delete the contents of your SD card read the contents of your SD card
Other :
have full network access prevent phone from sleeping Play Install Referrer API
Google Play billing service receive data from Internet toggle sync on and off
view network connections view Wi-Fi connections



Finally :

  • I think you have learned the installation and usage of the Friends application. If your friends ask, do compulsory suggest.
  • Friends I think you like this small application. If you like it, be sure to download this application once and give it a try.
  • Shocking your friends is compulsory. Single friends This is a small application so if you like it please share it with your friends. Thank you for reading friends take care bye bye ………




delete duplicate photos videos in mobile new trick

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