Hello friends welcome back to our channel today we will discuss an app that can protect your mobile battery and extend your mobile battery lifespan, also you can stop battery drain issues from this app friends. HOW TO INCREASE BATTERY BACKUP AND HEALTH



  • This app is available on the play store with 3plus ratings, 10 million plus downloads, and 288k plus good reviews friends.
  • On Playstore application  was developed by Digibites management and released on Aug 2016, and the latest updated on Aug 19 2019 friends.
  • Application is only 7.8 Mb friends.
  • You can use the app very easily with friends.



Benefits Of The  Application :

  • This app optimizes your mobile battery and makes your mobile healthy friends.
  • You can watch which app is using more battery consumption in the background on mobile and you can stop that battery consumption issue friends.
  • From this application you can check how fast your device is charging on-screen on OR off friends.
  • Then you can check the real-time battery in mah and use the charge alarm and other amazing features from this app friends



Disadvantages Without This Battery Backup Application :

  • Without this application you can’t optimize your draining issues friends.
  • You can’t know what apps are draining your battery in the background.
  • Because You can’t know what’s your mobile speed while charging. And battery consumption per app friends.
  • so, please download this application and save your mobile from battery-draining issues friends.




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How To Download This Battery Backup Application :

  • To download this excellent battery booster app on your mobile, then now open your mobile and turn on mobile data friends.
  • There turning on mobile now simply open your mobile Playstore friends.
  • In addition of opening Playstore there you can search bar at top of your mobile screen friends.
  • Now click on that search bar friends.
  • After clicked on search now your keyboard will opened friends.
  • Then opening keyboard Now type ACCU BATTERY APP.



Follow This Steps Carefully :

  • After typed this name now you can click on enter  button friends.
  • Then Now app will  load wait for few seconds.
  • A few seconds app will appears you and Now simply click on Install option friends.
  • If Clicked on Install option now wait for few seconds to install app in your  mobile friends.
  • Thereafter few seconds app will be successfully installed in your mobile friends.



After Downloaded permissions required :

  • Friends after successfully installed this app ,you can see open option to open this application friends
  • Now simply click on that open option friends.
  • After clicked on option the app will opens with interface of what are features in this app will shown to you friends.
  • Then simply if you want to read those features you can friends, otherwise you can
  • simply slide your mobile screen leftside friends.



Allow This Permission on Battery Backup Application :

  • After sliding all those banners then at last banner you can see two options friends
  • There you can see your battery capacity option will knows your mobile battery mah friends. And now you have check if you don’t know what is your mobile battery capacity friends .otherwise you can simply click on right symbol option friends.
  • After clicking on that right symbol app home screen will opened friends





Settings In Battery Backup Application :

  • To set this app setting now simply click on top right side of your mobile there you can set all this app setting.
  • That settings are you can see Tutorial of this app ,Get started option, Overlay setting’s option, upgrade to pro option, settings ,contact options and etc.
  • Now click on overlay settings option friends, and then you have to give permission to this app to overlay friends.
  • After then you can use battery current, CPU core usage, process CPU usage etc..
  • If you need more features  in this app  you can recharge also friends.
  • And now mainly settings option there are various types of options will appeared friends.



More settings in Application :

  • Now mainly settings option there are various types of options will appeared friends.
  • Easily You can change Themes.
  • Now You can check Temperature units, You can change languages and Icon Styles.
  • In addition of this Apply notifications status bar icon and notifications sounds too friends.
  • Set charge alarm sound and vibrations too friends.
  • There is an availability kill background running apps from disable task detection setting friends.



How To Use This Application :

  • After those settings option Now simply click on back button of mobile screen friends .
  • There you can see current battery percentage of mobile friends. And what applications using more battery  also shown friends.
  • On discharging option simply scroll down your mobile screen friends.
  • There you can appears battery usage of your mobile ,discharging speed of mobile ,foreground running apps usage and Average battery usage apps etc. and how much battery will remained and this estimates tells you how much time you have a 100% fully charged battery .it is calculated automictically by this application friends.



Extra Features Use In Application :

  • In addition to Another option Now click on Charging option at bottom left side of your mobile screen friends.
  • There you can check charge current ,temperature, voltage of your mobile friends.
  • A to Z of mobile draining performance can be appeared friends. from this you can solve the issues by this app.
  • Now click on another feature Health option from this feature you can recognize battery full information battery wear and battery capacity friends.
  • Now click on another option history from this option you can check battery usage from every minute that how your battery draining.
  • so, that’s it friends about this application.



Finally Conclusion About This Application :

  • Hope all of you understand this app features
  • If any Questions and problems from this application you can freely ask in comment section friends.
  • And please do subscribe to our channel and hit like button, and share to friends and family if possible okay bye friends.








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