photo video locker calculator application for download

photo video locker calculator application for download


Hallo friends welcome to Tech in telugu website here you are going to Learn about photo video locker calculator application for download

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photo video locker calculator application for download :

  • What we are talking about in this blog today is that the calculator is in everyone’s mobile if it is seen in everyone’s mobile.
  • You can also see when you get your mobile newbie already out of the calculator though.
  • The calculator also has a gallery behind the secret theater that you do not know, so no one knows if you can put your photos and videos in it if you want.
  • If I do not think you know I do not even know that we will be able to open this gallery within us if we type the same.
  • Then let’s talk about this application.

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We need any application :

  • Friends, if we do not talk on this blog today, what is a calculator is not a calculator that comes when we already buy a mobile.
  • If we want to hide the photos or videos behind the calculator on our mobile as well, you will have to download another calculator for it.
  • So if you also want to download all this chocolate on your mobile then now you need to download what that application is from where.
  • You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.
  • No need to bother because all the details related to the application can be learned by reading what I have put in this blog below.
  • Similarly I will give you the link related to that application you can download from there Friendship Day Download the application shown in the photo below to you without wasting time.





How to download the application :

  • Friends Open your android mobile play store to download the application shown in the photo above.
  • The Play Store application will appear on your Android mobile Open it Now you will see a search bar in this application.
  • In that search bar, type PHOTO, VIDEO LOCKER CALCULATOR. You will immediately see the application shown in the photo above open.
  • This application is only 12 MB which means it is a very small application. Also the rating of this application is up to 4.4 if you look at kanaka which means it is also very good rating friends.
  • Downloads of this application are also 5M + downloads as seen in Friends. The last update of this application was done on 8 jun 2018.

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How to install the application :

  • Under Friends application you will see install. Click on that install. You will start downloading the application immediately.
  • Once the application download is complete you will get the application INSTALLATION. Installation Wait until alas.
  • Once the installation is complete, the application will scan your entire mobile once.
  • Scanning Wait till the scanning is done and you will see DONE below. Press on that done.
  • Now you see that the application is open. The application will open automatically when you press on open.





After download the application set a password :

  • Friends The application will ask you for two or three permissions after the application download will open as soon as you download and open this application.
  • The fact that the application’s mail is now open after you have given permission for all of them means that it looks like a character.
  • If you want to do all the work in our cabinet is also included in the promise that now you have to download the application and open this calculator in which you will need to set a password.
  • Make a four digit password setting for any one you like and after that you will see the Equal to Button button.
  • If you press on it it will be ok so once you enter the password then enter the password once again but the password will be confirmed.






How to hide our photos and videos :

  • Friends A gallery behind this calendar will automatically open for you as soon as you enter the password. Now you can open new folders as you see in this gallery.
  • Similarly you will also see the above three categories which means photo video as well as application you will be given the opportunity to add photos on your mobile as soon as you click on the photos.
  • If you want to hyd your favorite photo on your mobile so that it is not visible to anyone, you can bring it from your sister and make settings here.
  • You can also set any new powder in it and create a photo of your choice in the same way you can bring the photos in any way you like.

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If you are use this application :

  • Friends as well as through this application you can also lock the application on your mobile. If you see three options for that, the application on your mobile will open.
  • Then you can make any application you like from it. You will see a target next to the application.
  • Pressing on it means that the application will end like this. If you come back and open the application you have made, you will have to enter the password given in the calculator.
  • Only then with this application we have three options but you can make the photos invisible settings or the videos invisible settings if you want.
  • Also through this application you can stay on your mobile and lock another application as well. This way you can make three types of settings.




APP into :
Version : 20.0
Updated on : 8 Jun 2018
Downloads : 5,000,000+ downloads
Offered by : Photo and video applications
Released on : 15 Apr 2016

App permissions :
Device & app history retrieve running apps Identity find accounts on the device
Photos/Media/Files modify or delete the contents of your SD card read the contents of your SD card
Camera :
take pictures and videos Wi-Fi connection information view Wi-Fi connections
Bluetooth connection information Access Bluetooth settings
Other :
have full network access prevent phone from sleeping

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Finally :

  • I think you have learned the installation and usage of the Friends application. If your friends ask, do compulsory suggest.
  • I think you like this application. If you like it, be sure to download this application once and give it a try.
  • It’s compulsory for your friends to be shocked if they see you as your friends while using this application.
  • Single friends This is a small application so if you like it please share it with your friends. Thank you for reading friends take care bye bye ………




photo video locker calculator application for download


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